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The first initiative made by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

Join us and help us create the #1 document exchange platform in the world.

Just guess how much you will save?

A lot. We plan to bring down the average document cost from 27€ to €0.1

what happens IN YOUR COMPANY now:

standard-procedureCompany creates documentCompany prints documentCompany signs documentCompany scans documentCompany sends documentClient prints documentClient signs documentClient scans documentClient sends documentClient inserts document

what will happen IN YOUR COMPANY with

commercio-sales-document-shareCompany creates, signs and digitally sends the documentCompany automatically stores the documentClient signs and digitally sends back the document simplifies sales documents exchange

Reduce Costs and Errors

The traditional order process is long and error prone, thousands of paper slips are written, printed, shared, miswritten, misread and lost.


Share Encrypted documents with a e-signing free app that ensures traceability and increase security thanks to the DTL technology.


When everything is exchanged digitally all manual entry is simply not longer necessary reducing a lot of time and costs

Bottom Up

Notarize invoices with a Token on Ethereum and increase your liquidity by selling them before the due date

The Vision

Made by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

It’s a bold vision of the future.  A digital place where Entrepreneurs will be able to exchange documents  with other Entrepreneurs using the DTL (distributed Ledger Technology ). The same technology that is used to exchange digital currencies, will be used to exchange documents.  Join us and help us create the #1 B2B e-commerce  platform in the world.

Phase 1

Simplify sales document creation with a B2B e-commerce app


Phase 2

Secure and share documents with a digital signing free app


Phase 3

Notarize invoices with a Token on   Ethereum


Which kind of innovator are you?

Help us build your company’s future

This is the first DTL  initiative that is being 100% created with the crowdfunding efforts of SME Entrepreneurs Worldwide. We are a growing team of Entrepreneurs, join us and help us in our effort to create the best, the most secure and affordable B2B e-commerce software in the world.